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  Journalism is for Service.
  Seminer on TET.
  Relevence of Gandhian Values & thoughts for youth in todays' Indian society.

To be an exceptional organization for developing unique knowledge among our unemployed youths in the area of Employability and HR development.

Other objective of unity is to propagate the life, mission and thought of Mahatma Gandhi through various socio-educational and cultural programmes.

To communicate to government from time to time to adopt peace and value education in the curriculum.

Legal awareness programmes.

Awareness programmes on child rights, RTE, Rights of girls and various other issues related to child abuse, child rights for all the stakeholders who are involved in child protection.

To engage in the collection, analysis, evaluation and dissemination of information on activities that successfully enhance education environment in Assam.

To advocate the educational, social and cultural needs of all children with whom we have the privilege to work with, and to ensure that their rights are protected.

To organize volunteer involvement in providing educational guidance and counseling support to street children

Education for Employability, Training and building capacities of the budding youths to provide them access to job info.

Networking with NGO’s working on the issues of Children.

Translation of The Right of children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 in local language for easy understanding of all sections of the society.

To work for the protection and promotion of rights of the disabled. Conducting research, organizing seminars and workshops and publishing books, newspapers and magazines on various subjects related to disabilities. Improving public awareness through education to change prevailing negative attitudes towards the disabled.

Talent search examination,

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